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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the summer. some local bus drivers consider going on strike. >> that's a lot of money -- >> a lot of money. revolutionizing the frame sime. we're taking you i the new e company right here in d.c. that's offering a cheaper, faster way to display your favorite memories. >> look at that. >> how about that? that's "lion ffking" stu right there -- ♪ >> we didn't pay for that. chopper 4 kicking things off on this fridaymorning. the beautiful sunrise. bright orange light shining in the sky there. >> who should we lift up to the sun? >> i got you. good orning, everyone, 6:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with a check on the forecast and commute. melissa mollet is standingby with your first 4 traffic. >> we begin, though, with meteorologist tomierein and a ok outside.
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>> reporter: sun's up and somebody spaernl spiked the coffee here -- somebody spiked the coffee here. it's going to start feeling like summertime here. ump,ne of the thanks that comes -- useful, one of the things that comes with the when he is cluster of thunderstorms. the fist batch will go barely to the south. however, i think it may leave little outfly boundaries, when lsit coo down, that's cool air that leaves out of the storm. that could leave a chance of increased thunderstorms i the metro area for the day. a slight risk for strong to severe storms. doug will keep you posted on that. mostly in the mid 50s out the door this morning. going to be a good day for school. ancht high, 84 degrees. nice. and the weekend promises to be even warmer. melissa, more about that coming up. >> thank you. right now, chopp 4 flying over prince george's county.
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everything nice and light. let's keepur fingers crossed that volume stays looking like that. montgomery county, rockville here, norbeck at muncaster mill, police there from an earlier crash. we had fire trucks, that you will. that has cleared. but you might see this if you're headed out soon. westbound 70 near east, truck lost a load of gravel. we have just the two left lanes getting by as state highway is trying to clean up the right side of the ro. northbound, southbound, 270, no complaints. the beltway looking good. 66, 95, we'll look at them coming up. nothing quite yet. guy guys? >> thank you. new details on a disturbing story out of prince george's county. the body we told you about found in a riverdale creek was that of a 14-year-old girl. >> three teenagers are charged with the brutal killing. juin finch is live outside of mr. speaker with why police believehe girl was killed. justin?
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>> reporter: police are now saying that twose of tho three suspects appear to have ties to ms-13. they're still looking for a fourth in the case of this 14-year-old girl who was found dead wednesday, almost a month after she was killed. we have a ltk a that victim now. she's just, again, 14 years old. her name, ariana funes-diaz. she'sfrom adelphi, maryland. and police say four suspects lured her to her death last month in those riverdale woods where shendas fou we have a look at three of the suspects, 16-year-old josue fuentes-ponce, joelobar, and cynthia hernandez-nucamendi, two having ties to ms-13e policay back on april all took part in a robbery in d.c., and those four suspects feared that ariana would go to police and out them. so a day later, they lured her
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to the woods and killed her. we spoke with ar jana's family about ---ar i don't knowa's family about the loss. >> she used to be in the streets and everything but always ca home. when she didn't come home, that's when my sister knew something was going on. like me as a mother, us mothers know when our child's in danger. >> an autopsyer detned that ariana died of blunt efforts trauma. detectives looking for afourth suspect in this case. at this time they do not believe there's a reason to suspect there's an uptick of gang activity here because of the incident. live here in palmer park. i'm justin finch, news4. b k to you. >> sad outcome. thank you. it's 6:04.c surveillane video, a unique jacket, and a montgomery county police yficer's shopper memor helped put a murder suspect in jail this morning.i polce say edras armando munoz wh stabbed to deatlast week on piney branch road in silver
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spring. when witnesses described the suspect as a heavyset man in the company of a woman with a distinctive red jacket, it rank a bell for the ficer, andres johnson. he pieced the month tgz with other case. that neld let to theeady of edras armando munoz. detectives are still asking with information to contact them. in the district the man accused of randomly abbing a jogger to death near logan circle is set to be in court. anthony crawford was ruled competent to stand trial. he'll be arraigneday later tod. crawford killed wendy martinez la september, a few blocks from her home, prosecutors say. a former firefighter will be sentenced for startg several fires in prince george's county. tyree torney admitted setting t fires and confessed to setting his ex-girlfriend's house on fire while she and her baby were sleeping inside.
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torney was a m probationber of the glenview fire station until his arrest. a d.c. commissioner is clrifying comments he made d.c. police following a troubling video. >> the police union is accusing him of threatening police this stems om this cell phone video showing a combative exchange between seval men and police in southeast d.c. the officer slapped the phone out of the man's hands for pushed him away. four n were charged with assaulting a police officer. after theincident, lorenzo green, the anc, posted tweets. one said, "i'm telling you right now, d.c., this wilbe a hot summer. and one of your beloved d.c. police officers will get hurt. "green says it was not a threat. >> speaking truth. i'm trying to warn them and let them know what is going to happen this summer if they do not change the matter of how they're policing the city.
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the union said, "this veiledet from mocking officersnd made at a time when homicides are spiking could not be more dangerous. new developments after a local police officer was caught on camera using the "n" word. the police department is w responding to the county council's request for information. wednesday we told you that councilet a lent to the acting police chief calling for the release of footage from every responding officer's body cam as well as any 911 calls. yesterday, police released the following statement -- "the department values openness and transparency in its internet actions with the public. this event is no exception. we willry lease nature information as it is deloped and confirmed. the venezuela venezuelanmba back open. a group of protesters was there pporting vezan president
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nicolas maduro. the united states recognizes juan guaido. when protesters refused to get out, they became tre> assers. 6:08. democrats are pouncing on president trump's new immigration plan. house speaker nancy pelos,said this quote, died on arrival. -- dead on arrival. the plan announced yesterday called for a edmerit-bas immigration system. right now more than 60% of immigrants get green cards because of family connections under the proposed plan, the majority of the immigrants would stead be educated and high-skilled workers. now people would have to pass a civics test and get points based on their age, ability to speak english, education, and any job offers. democrats are upset the plan does not discuss immigr ts who are all right in this country illegally as well as asylum seekers. 6:08. this morning, mailer officials say a jet charb-- military officials say a jet crashed into
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the air base in e,riversid california. thepilot along with five on ground were injured. officials say the jet was on a training more for norad when the pilot lost control and crashed. from the rails to the roads, you're summerommunity could get worse. >> just as metro is getting ready for a major shutdown of the rails, bus drivers in alexandria are threatening to strike. if you look here, every station south of reagan flarpt--eration airport to makepa rs. to make matters worse, the d.a.s.h. bus operators union authorized a strike. one operatord who wanteo remain anonymous says they're unhappy with pay and benefits. he says striking during the metro shutdown may be the right time to make a poi. negotiations between d.a.s.h. r and the opeators unions are gone now -- are now going.
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if you're ting to lose weight and nothing's worked, you may have thought about weight loss surgery. >> ahead, why when you have the surgery may determine how affective it is for you. 6:10 now. chuck? >> all right. gardening folks. offer friends aterfield have some ideas. toasty warm, 85 tomorrow. not a big rain chance either day. sunday, higher chance. the flowers are all perfect for hose indoor bouquet and flower arrangements, andthey're easy to grow, . the five-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: look, it's never too early to eat moo thru ice cream, right? cheers ] rip look at everybody. i've got to get my scoop coming up. our trip is not over. ♪bl
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welcome back. 6:: weight loss surgery may be more effect whiff done earlier in -- when done earlier in life. surgery results of obese teens were compared to adults who had been losing weight. the younger patients we much more likely to have lower blood pressure and diabetes. historic sites, plenty oin ards, and all the fresh ice cream you can stands. doesn't that sound go? > it does. >> that isat you'll experience if you follow on our next "one tank trip." >> molette green is live from the coolest spot in fauquier county, the treasured ice cream
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shop, the moo thru. she has friends with her this morning. hey, molette. >> reporter: hey, good morning from fauquier county. [ cheers ] never tooto early eat ice cream even in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." ken smith,moo thru is your baby. what's your motto? >> real ice cream from real farmers. my wife and daughter, head ice cream maker. >> reporter: all right. we wanted to take a trip to the downtown area to see historic warrenton. tank a look. main street in warrenton is a window into history. just look along t historic district. we found one of a kind hometown favorites. shops and eateries that line the street, including one with a big, red truck that's well-known for baked goods, cookies, and pies. >> i am the mayor of this town. >> reporter: warrenton's mayor brings his dogs, rosie and
6:15 am
whiskey, to work a his jewelry store. >> this is the first breath of fresh air you get after you leave the bustle of the city and congestion oforthern virginia. >> reporter: historic memories are etched in stone including a 1909 presidential one-tank trip to the former warren green hotel where the duchess of windsor, wallace simpson, famously checked in. i'm re-creating history leaning over what was once the warren green hold. january 13th was the date, here ent roosevelt came for his first one-tank trip to fauquier county. >> in this town, actually the unty, it goes back to sl ery. >> reporter: sheri carter is deeply root. her mother, eva walker, a new york world fair del, helped integrate this area. >> my mother was instrumental in the desegregation of the county along with a lot of other
6:16 am
but yeah, that's -- that's how we grew up. >> reporter: now there's a park named in walker's memor sherry sells alltu sorts of s out of her main street store, once the tow drug store. >> one tank of gas, you get a lot of history in th town. [ bell ] a little bit of everything. [ bell ]er >> reportlittle bit of everything. we're her back live off route 29. outside the moo thru. we've got t whole moo thru family and employees here. [ cheers ]er >> report yeah. check it out. we're getting feady the spring festival in warrenton tomorrow. you see the setup including t classic car. i have the fauquier county board of supervisors chairman here with me, chris butler, who just had kn replacement surgery on monday. it was so important to be here to talk about why this is a great destination for a one-tanr , right? >> absolutely. you can leave the hustle and bustle of northern virginia, come out and ule the beautif green fields and farms have have really good ice cream. >> really good ice cream.
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eat up. all right. we've got much more coming up later on in the hour. even the dog is munching on the ice cream. i got to get my ice cream. >> i need some ic>>cream. more coming up later. >> i see you have the kids eating ice cream at 6:00 a.m. look forward to the teachers' calls to you. >> it came on a doughnut, so that's breakfast in my book.yo than 6:17. let's attorney meteorologist chuck bell. a good day for ice cream. it's going to be war-- first of all, i would eat ice cream in the dead of winter. ittdoesn't really r, but you're correct it would be a perfect day for ice cream. it's going to really start to feel a lot more like summer than spring. starting today and continuing through the weekend. now there is a chanceor some rain today. some hit-and-miss thunderstorms later. if we can get rain today, thatak will m seven fridays in a row with measurable rainfall in washington. not really hoping for that, but that unfortunately a possibility. most of the suburbs in the 50s
6:18 am
this morning. 54 in fauquier county where molette is. 52 in leesburg. 60 in washington. 48 in ellicott city. your planner for the commute, of the afternoon, but there will be an opportunity for some thunderstorms later on in the day today. this first cluster -- i mean it means business. big-time thunder and lightning this morning moving through parts of central west virginia. it's running almost to the south and east. so most of that's going to miss us. there will be a little extraco cloud ver here attorney. perspectivesy for northern parts of the shenandoah valley down to fauquier county. i can't rule out little rain chance between now and noon. later in the day today, a little daytime added to the mix, and we'll have a chance r strong to severe storms. a slight risk, step two ou five on thet of severe weather threat scale. started, strong thunderstorms possible. there goes the morning rain chance. we turn quieter for the early afternoon. after about 4:00, throw, some of
6:19 am
the isolated thunderstorms are likely to be bubbling up, and any of those individual storms punch.pack quite a degree will be here later. again, just know highest thunderstorm chances today will be across northern virginia. even our maryland suburbs here have at least a chance. check out those numbers for your five-day forecast. 84 for today. 85 tomorrow. very close to 90 on sunday. next best chance for rain after today co es up monday. then slightly cooler, but next weekend, wait until you see the ten-day forecas melissa, good morning. i am looking forward to it. ably me. tomorrow, as well. chopper 4 over 270, northbound,s thbound, here are the lanes near montrose. everything looking good as you head southbound and perhaps to the outer loop. main and local lanes are moving quite nicely. 2 at larksburg road, everybody headed southbound on the right. we have -- idon't know if they're disabled or waiting things out, southbound traffic looks normal. it is slow as you approach 1 06
6:20 am
9. westbound 70 at e, still have a truck tt lost a low of two lanes getting by. outer loop, inner loop, no big problems. 270 south looks good, top of the beltway, 39 miles per hour on the outer loop. 66 and 95 no worryies. listen to 103.9 when you hop in the car. uber and lyft revitalized transportation, facebook gave us a new way to comnicate. >> a new e-commerce company based in d.c. is changing the way you frame your mementos. still ahead, we're taking you inside their new retail store. and ellen today at 3:00 on nbc 4. the astick around for news4t 4:00. we'll be right back. hi. i'm monday. i knme, people don't like .
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that's fine, i'm not really wild about people.
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oh hey, monday! ugh. but lately, they've been dragging me to places that are way too much fun. look at this place, like people are winning and laughing. and doing that. i... no. it's five in the afternoon, for pete's sake. monday! up top! no! what's wrong with you?
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back. 6:24. we all have them, the special mementos and photos that we love to frame but don't want to spend a lot doing it. now a fast-growing e-commerce company based here in d.c. is changing the frame game. two locations recently opened exclusively in our area. it's a business that has already caught the attention of one local sports star. this piece of art is more valuable than a picasso. a self-portrait my daughter painted when she was 3 years old. i love it so much. i can't part with it. >> i love it. and i actually love the tattered and torn details to that's -- that adds to the aesthetic of it. >> reporter: i long wanted to frame my priceless treasure, non er framebridge in washington, it just opened a store in bethesda. cone of only two in theountry. the other is on 14th street in d.c. the process is quick and easy.
6:25 am
>> we would take this piece and acttolly put it right in our program on our ipad. we would be able to show a mockup of what the finished piece will look like. >> reporter: the ceo founded the nscompany based on that coumer need. she went to frame four national park posters herself that she had collected over the years on trips with her sister. >> at the end of the consultation i found out they would cost $400 each to be framed. >> that's a lot of money. >> that's a lot of money. >> she wanted to take the sticker shock out of framing. >> we really wanted pricing to be totally transparent. uly just the moment you lay your art down on the table, you can see how much it costs. >> she also wanted to give people an outlet to showcase t t artifacts ofheir lives. ul>> we believe people shobe surrounded by things that matter to them. and that by leaving enough space, that tells your story, that represents highlights of your life. you'll be able to do mthe of
6:26 am
those ings. >> one family that has plenty to highlight, t.j. and lauren oshie. the capitals star and his wife worked with celebrity designer nate berkus. >> it's a picture of us holding the cup. special. we don't have a lot of memorabilia hanging up. >> we're renovating so this will be the first piece that we put up on our walls. t we're really excited abit. h> i think it will look amazing in their se. one of many stanley cup ab memorilia i'm sure they'll put up. susan tynan says the customer vs. taken the framebridge mission to heart. you can frame anything -- company has framed a ponytail,y know, triathlon bibs, a blackberry. >> the old phone -- >> floppy disks, and susan's favorite, a full-sized scrabble board with tiles that spell out "marry me." how will do. >> nice memento. >> and she's one of the few females leading in the tech industry. cool that she's based here now
6:27 am
d.c. >> all ri 6:27. >> have to put the answer to yes or no to will you marry me under glass to commit. this is hornet. looks like a pot bellied pig. tw months old. perfect time to adopt a puppy dog and put him into your life. cutesty g. to to find out how do that. joys a nice sunny friday. and changes coming to the as. why students' scorct will refle h much money you make.ow hey hun... what's going on here? it's called a yard sale, jim. yeah but... havertys is having a sale... so am i!l havertys memoriaday sale is still going on!
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6:30 right now. we're taking a live look outside as you start this friday morning. a beautiful start to the day. like most fridays, maybe you keep the umbrella around for a little bit. >> look how fast the clou moved in over the beautiful sunrise, right? that makes me nervous. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has the forecast. then we'll check in with melissa mollet r a first 4 traffic update. >> okay. i'll take it from here. >> yes. you first, chuck. >> full stop. now on with the weather. yeah, these high, thin clouds drifting overhead, the clouds are coming from the west.
6:31 am
when we showed the sunrise a while ago, the eastern sky had been relatively clear. so clouds sort of sneaking in. there will be a chance of thunderstorms. the highest chances will be south and west of washilton. k at this cluster of thunder and lightning here roaring through west virginia. most of that will go south of us. there will be a chance for additional storms to develop later in the day. not everyone's going to get rained on. but i'd at least have the umbrella ready to go. e're under a slight risk for strong to severe storms later on in the afternoon. it will be warm. mid 50s daytime hi in the low to mid 80s. keep a weather eye to the sky. have your nbc washington app ready to go, and staywi h nbc washington and news4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 this afternoon. more coming up. for now, ti r traffic. good morning. brand-new crash, southbound bw parkway after powder mill road.4 chopper went straight over here. it's really kind of a strange situation to look at. we're on the phone trying to figure out want avwhat, if we h injuries.
6:32 am
it's --hat happened, if we have injuries. it's a welcome, and it looks like two motorcycles crashed into the back of th vehicle. we'll get information and pass that along. right now, slow southbound. 270, clarksburg road lookingod gon 270. the slow spot is southbound near 109. silver spring, southbound is, 29 at fairland, a crash reported there. outer loop, inner loop, everything looking goodnow. 66, 95, rolling along nicely. eun? >> all right. thank you. > it's 6:32. we have new details this morning. a mmiylandly now knows what happened to their 14-year-old daughter who went missing last month. ariana funes-diaz's body was found in a riverdale dleek week. police say she was brutally murdered. three teenagers are char beating her to death. news4's justin finch will be evck in 15 minutes with more on why police beli ar jana was killed. in west virginia, a family is also morning the death of their 15-year-old daughter. an autopsy is expected to
6:33 am
isnfirm a body found in the west virginia mountain riley cro crossman. her mother's boyfriend has been charged. crossman vanished from her home last week. yesterday a body was found in a remote area near the top of north mountain. the official search for a maryland native living in hawaii is over. >> there's been no sign of amanda eller. she's been missi since last week. look at these surveillance pictures showing h at a market. heruv was seen at the post office where she mailed a mother's day package. this wasaken last wednesday. ell eller's white suv was found a week ago at theo f of the hiking trail. officials are still searching the area fp the yacht. ice do not suspect foul play. the family is from some mary's county. they believe she maybe injured. shell ca herself a psychologist, and hundreds went to her for treatment. now stafford county fvestigators say it was all a
6:34 am
ruse, and theke therapist is sitting in jail. 42-year-old sharonda avery turned himself in to police thursday. she's facing several charges including practicing psychology without a license. for about six years avery worked for a new-defunct medical practicecalled pediatric partners for learning. the sheriff's office is urging other families who d contact with her to contact them right away. as students great from georgetown university this weekend, the school is dealing with the fallout over the admissions cheating scandal. >> one student who was expelled is now suing the university. iws4's megan mcgrath live at georgetown now with the reaction from parents and students to all this. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, another twist in this january going story. -- ongoing story. two students here at georgetown university were expelled after they were linked to the admissions scandal. now one of those students is
6:35 am
suing. adam sempervio completed his junior year here at georgetown. earlier this month his father pleaded guilty to paying $400,000 to former tennis coach gordon ernst to get special admission for his son. now adam idsempervino s he did ot know about the payoff and wants to remain here at the university and wants to keep his credits. now we got reaction from several parents and students who agree with theecuniversity's dion to expel the students. ta i do feel that there should be some accounility for, you know, people that got in that didn't earn it the right way. >> knowing what we know about the payments and them getting in uner false pretenses, i feel as though georgetown is acting appropriately. >> reporter: now georgetown says it does not comment on pending litigation but says both of the students who we expelled have
6:36 am
a brief window of time to appeal. back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath for us at georgyoown. thank 6. 36. a college board is expanding its use of andv asity score to help level the playing field when it comes to s.a.t. scores. the scores number between one and 100. it's calculated using 15 fctors including the crime rate in the student's neighborhood. race is not factored into the adversi adversity scose. 50 college used it last yar during a trial period. it will expands to 150 universities in fall. gabe gutierrez will havemore on "today." parking meters in montgomere county have updated, and you will pay more to park on the streets of bethesda this summer. the county council voted to approve a multibillion dollar budget plan on thuday. and that plan includes raising tki cap for parng fees in bethesda up to $3.25 an hour starting in july. the parking fees in silv a spring wheaton will stay the
6:37 am
same until construction projects in those areas are closer to completion. it's 6:37. we're working 4 you to plan your weekend. >> molette green showing where you can go f a one-tank trip. hey, molette. >> reporter: hey, guys. feast your eyes on this turnout. we're ready for the spring festival, and we love eating moo thru ice cream. [ cheers ] we'veot something for g for tile, wood, and stone, come to the nationwide low-price leader: floor and decor. the prices are the lowest you will find. not only did we find lots of option but we were like, oh my gosh, it's so affordable. it's affordable no matter what your budget. i saved a lot of money at floor and decor. we came in under budget, way under budget. yeah. it's really the best pricing.
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scientists will be the first to tell you, family support is so critical that dealing with life-threatening illnesses. tonight's "heroes" know that better than anyone. gavin lindbergh w to tell us about the work his wife has been doing to cheer up sick children after they lost their son to cancer. but we soon found out that gavin is just as much of a hero as his wife wendyis.
6:40 am
and together they created a treat and treasures cart to give sick kids a reason to smile. >> when they see that logo, they know it's break time. it's ready -- they're ready to have some and get pick out whatever they want. we're not there to check theiro bloressure or poke them with a needle. we're there to have fun. >> the lindberghs are this week's "harris' heroes." and you don't want to miss the story. it's coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m. 60. some sad news this morning. the internet famous cat grumpy cat has passed away. she was famous for that feline frown you see there. in a statement posted on line, her owners say she passed away on tuesday following some complications from a recent infection. >> aw. >>rsrumpy cat was seven y old, pretty young for a cat. she had a big presence on line. more than eight million facebook followers. i -- i didn't realize this s a real cat. >> you didn't? >> i've seen the-a mems and
6:41 am
whatnot. >> on the page it says "some days are grumpier than others." >> the truth. she will live on forever. >> in memes. >> yes. last night chefs came t togeto raise money for animals. >> it was zoofari bite night at the nashltional zoo. people got to taste food and wine from frosomehe best vendors why the area. it was to save endangered species around the world's always a fantastic revenue and a good cost. it's amazing -- the work. >> good food. > here's your morning business odport. >> reporter: go morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. taco bell has a new limited time offer, but it's not a new menu item. it's a hotel. the chain is taking over a resort in palm springs, california. reservationsn o in june, and guests can start checking in
6:42 am
on august 9th. the bell will feature a gift shop with exclusive taco bell-thed apparel and an on-site salon with taco bell-inspired nail and hair-styling services. this isn't the first time taco bell has invited customers to stay the night. in 2016 it teamed one airbnb to le with an overnight stay at a location in canada. with your business report, i'm frank holland. what do you think about a c chalupa pedicure? >> i guess if i could eat and get a pedicure at the same time, it wouldn't be a bad thing. smear cheese on your feet. >> my -- that sounds -- >> i was going to say people named"bell"hould stay for free. but you ruined it fore. m thunderstorms moving to the south. maybe here later today, more in the ten day coming up. taking a look at first 4 trtafic alert. a look. talking about southbound bw parkway after powder mill road. a multi-- two vehicles, one vehicle and two motorcycles now in a four-mile back up headed so
6:43 am
6:44 am
i know what it's like to live with cancer. i fought cancer. i shouldn't have to fight for the medicine that doctors say i need to stay alive. or worry about whether i could afford the medications that i nd to survive. and now a proposal from this administration would let insurers delay my access to these drugs.
6:45 am
6:46 am
back now at 6:45. this morning democrats are pouncing ont president mp's new immigration plan. >> house speaker nancy pelosi has said it's, quote, dead on arrival. nbc's peter lexander joins us live from the white house now with the president's new merit-based plan here. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. for his part, president trump is calling this plan pro-immigrant, pro-american, and frankly sayse ithe pride of the nation. the bottom line is that democrats and republicans would need to be on board with this.hing like and at this point we've certainly not heard that from either side. mitch mcconnell with a remarkable noncommittal statement in his opening remarks. nancy pelosi, the house speaker, of course,ng sayi this plan is noteven close to a serious proposal. some republicans and white house allies publicly aage it is an effort to unify republicans leading into next year's campaign. as you see on the screen, theig new int arrivals under the plan would have to tavi a ci test and be judged based on a
6:47 am
points system where they would focus on eir age, their education, and a variety of other factors before they were allowed to come in. that would bekewing it away from the present system that focuses heavily on people's family ties here in the united states. see you this morning, coming up on "today." back to you. >> peter alexander live for us from the white house ths morning. thank you. again, catch his full report next on "today." 6:47. ahead on "today"," keir simmons tuation the tense s between the us and iran. publicly and privately the president says he does not want tensions to escalate. reministration officials have said recently theave been threats causing the u.s. to increase its presence in the middle eaent. presidtrump says he is open with discussions with the country to de-escalate the situation there. congress has been in the dark when it comes to discussions about iran, but members are expected to be briefed next new detaihis morning. a maryland family knows what happened to their 14 year-old daughter who went missing last
6:48 am
month. ariana funes-diaz's bodies was found in a riverdale creeker earlihere week. >> news4's justin finch is live at prince george's county police headquarters with more on why police say her murder's connected to a violent street gang. good >> porter: good morning. prince george's county police now believe that two of those three suspects in this case may have killed her because of their tieso ms-13. . we take you to an emergency of the victim. 14-year-old ariana funes-diazf adelphi, maryland. police say it appears she was killed to keep q heriet about a crime. the suspects here now facing first-degree murder charges. 16-year-old and 17-year-old josue fuentes-ponce, joel escobar, and cynthia hernandez-nucamendi, all have connections to ms-13. olice say the trio in additi to a fourth suspect didn't want ariana to go to authorities about an alleged robbery they
6:49 am
took part in apri 17th in d.c. among the crew, a 14-year-old gi girl. a day later they lured ariana to the woods in riverdale and took her life there, police sa saht framily i heartbroken.ou >> check who y kids are hanging around with. they have an 11-year-old, so i would be around her. check your kids. if they start acting weird, it's because of something. >> reporter: very sad story, of course. and now the search continues for that fourth suspect in this case. all three of those suspects now in custody are being charged as adults. e autopsy found that ariana died of blunt force trauma. back to you. >>ri all ght. justin finch. thank you. now some new video showing the aftermath of a military jet crash in southern california. take a look here. somebody recorded the damage on
6:50 am
their cell phone. from the inside of therehouse to above it, you can see the damage is extensive. t-16 crashed across from the march reserve air base yesterday ffternoon. miliials say the pilot lost control of the jet. that pilot along with five people on the ground were injured. more on this story ahead on the. "today" show 6:50. we started off with a beautiful sunrise. chuck bell is here to talk about the rain heading our way. >> yay, you feel -- i can't give you the guarantee of a dry friday. in all likelihood our stretch of six fridays in a row with measurable rainfall in washington is likely to be extended out to seven weeks in a row. as a likelihood of storms around later in the day, higher rain chances the farther south and west you live or travel today. more likely to get a thucerstorm in peper, virginia, than in frederick, maryland. a little touch of summertime coming our way as temperatures by sunday afternoon might be close to 90 degrees. high pressure, that's where all the warm air is, as we gwen the transition from the -- we begin
6:51 am
the transition from the cool ait tohe warmer, more humid weather coming our way. along the edge of that ridge is que little cluster of thunderstorms now moving through southern parts of west virginia. that's aimed down toward roanoke, lynchburg, and charlottesville. most of this first batch will miss the d.c.metro area. but a lot of times what happens, these clusters of storms leavea whe call outfly boundaries. in other words -- outfly boundaries. in other words, pushing the air out. the differentials allow for the development of more storms during the there's a slight chance of storms later in the afternoon. the first area of rainissing us to the south this morning. except for our friends and neighbors from warrenton and culpeper southward tomorrow charlottesville, a better chance of rain. quiet, late morning, afternoon. after 3:00, 4:00, could have storms bubblin upagain. notice, the higher chances are in northern virginia. anybody could get it, but again, higher chances to the s th and west. your weekend will start dry. we could have hit-and-miss rain chances during the second half of the day
6:52 am
rain c tomorrow are down below 30%. just can't give you the guarantee of dry weather. sunday, close to 90 degrees. toasty warm for the next four days. oler and humidity break tuesday, wednesday. and as we get ready to move into memorial day weekend,y we mikt be baco -- we might be back to near 90 yet again. good morning, melissa. good morning. first 4 traffic alert. take a look. we have slow southbound bw parkway after powder mill road. chopper 4 will zoom t. we're talking about a four-mile back up now. this was a crash involving a vehicle and two motorcycles. it was blocking almost the entire roadway. they now have it on the shoulder, but the delays are going to hang around for some time. 95might be a good option. route 1, if you use 198, to get over there, as well. as you look at the northbound re lanes, we' also slow probably as folks akiebd of looking at what happened. lanham, bw parkway, tire tread in the lane. one of those lanes, causing slowdos.
6:53 am
mclean, after turkey run, the left lane, the only thing getting by the sinkhole work zone and that repair. 66 into town, 95 northbound, not bad here this morning. 270 and the top of the beltway, oka okay, 70 53 miles per hour. and the outer loop will take you 28 minutes. sten to wtop, 103.5 f.m., when you hop in your car, guys?yo >> thank 6:53. if you're looking at how you can get away without hurting your pockets, "news4 today" is working 4 you. our molette green and photographer irene johnson are showing where you can go on one tank of gas. rememb the first stop, chincoteague island? >> they're checking out the history-rich fauquier county, virginia. they're having ice cream for breakfast at the famous moo thru. ha >> reporter: yes, have. welcome, everybody, to --i yesve my ice cream right
6:54 am
here in my hand. there's a warm doughnut at the bottom. this is dangerous. and delicious! isn't it? okay. [ cheers ] we're right off 29 here at the moo thru. kent smith and his family and workers have been so gracious to us. now why do you do this? what is it about you? >> real ice cream from real dairy farmers, >> reporter: they make it right here. his daughter is the number-one ice cream maker. thank you so much for letting us out here. okay. so much to see. everybody's excited about the spring festival which is tomorrow, right? [ cheers ] okay. so frank kraft is going to be one of the vendors down, there right there into historic down warrenton. and of course i couldn't give you ice cream, but i sent you some red truck bakery goods. aaron, eun, i hope you're tasting it right now. hold up that pecan pie there. their famous oprah and president obama love this pie. want to give you a look.oi i'm g to put my ice cream
6:55 am
down for a second and get to the sheriff mosher here. 70,000 people live here, sheriff. the thing is, they had to determine three factors to determine the county seat. those were -- >> right. it's creeks and rivers, and it -- also had to do with landowners, but it had to be within one day's horseback ride of the county seat. >> reporter: i love it. love it. this is agriculture country, too. ray pickering, i'm going to squeeze you in. why is that? >> 52% l of ourd is in agriculture. >> reporter: all right. the flying circus will be here, as well, over the get to fly free. dan brown can talk about that real quick. >> ye the flying circus, the greatest show off earth. every sunday, may through october here in fauquir county. >> reporter: thank you. appreciate it very much. and we've got the chamber of commerce, head of the chamber. everybody here, we want to thank you l for letting us visit fauquier county, a great destination for a one-tank trip. good-byecrom fauquier nty. [ cheers ] >> this cake is so delicious,
6:56 am
molette. >> i'm pretty much done. i'm going to finish this a secd. thank you thanks, fauquier county. 6:56. here are 4 things to know -- it's preakness weekend in mo balti. the pimlico raceway expected to be ready for the race despite troubles thet cost t water at the track this week. post time just after 6:45. rat race coverage starts at 5:00 on nbc 4.rg a geoetown university student is fighting his on expulsin the fallout over the admissions cheating scandal. he's filed a lawsuit and claims he didn't know his father paid $400,000 to's the school former tennis coach to get special admission. more on this story ahead on "today." a westvirginia family is mourning the death of their 15-year-old daughter. today an autopsy is expected to nsnfirm a body found in the west virginia mountai is riley crossman. her mother's boyfriend has been arrested and charged with her murder. more on this story in the nbcng wasn app. a man accused of randomly stabbing a jogger to death in d.c. is set to be arraigned od y. anthony crawford is charged with killing wendy martinez near
6:57 am
logan circle back in september. you can find out more on this case in the nbc washingtonapp. and right now, first 4 traffic alert. southbound on the bw parkway. take 95, take route1, take 29. after powder mill road, we have that right side blocked. it is a four-mile back up soalhbound. >> right. thank you. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> i didn't getany -- >> yeah, right. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day and weekend. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
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breang overnight, the shocking moment an f-16ht f jet plunges out of the sky crashing into a building in california. >> that's a military airplane in our building. >> the pilot ejecting moments before impact. incredibly, no one had insidey seriouhurt. >> streaming that the building was on fire. >> what went wro l? we're at the scene. this morning closer to passing strict newrt abon laws. >> what do we do? >> the legal battles begin and the issue becomes front and center? t inhe 2020 race. >> president trump downplays the threat of war with


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